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Organic Premium Beard Oil

I Make Beard Oil So You Can
Be Proud of Your Parta*

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The Best & Only Greek-Finnish Beard Oil

*parta is Finnish for beard

(S)PARTA is for warriors, wanderers, dreamers. Stoics, appreciators of aesthetics, pragmatic perfectionists. Those who have more questions than answers. Heroes whose beards are more than just facial hair.

  • Unique recipe with Greek Olive Oil and Finnish Botanicals: Angelica Root and Juniper Berry.

  • Soft, elegant scent of primeval forest

  • Exclusively handmade from natural oils only

  • Organic, vegan, paraben and slicone-free

(S)PARTA is a synthesis of Greek price and Finnish purity with a hint of Californian swagger. 

Born in San Francisco. Inspired by Greece. Handmade in Finland.


It's not just any beard oil


"Know thyself"

Yeah, The Matrix, but it was already the old geezer Socrates who mumbled those word back in the days of boy-loving ancient Greece. 

The world is full of beard oils. I'm no authority to tell you why you should get (S)PARTA over some other beard oil. 

So, you go with what allows you to express yourself.
But here’s why (S)PARTA is a champ:



Natural oils