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I Make Beard Oil So You Can
Be Proud of Your Parta*

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Uncompromising Syntesis of
Greek Olive Oil &
Finnish Botanicals

I was born and raised in Finland with a mix of Greek, Carelian and Swedo-Finnish heritage. After moving to San Francisco I realized that instead of finding my soul I found myself carrying a beard. An itchy beard.

So I started mixing oils and crafting my own beard cosmetics at home. After trials and errors and a deep look into what life is, (S)PARTA was born.

(S)PARTA is a product of curiosity and wanting to do things right. It's a union of Greek pride and Finnish purity with a hint of Californian swagger. 

I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy making it. 
From one Spartan dude to another,


*The Finnish word for beard is parta.


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