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Organic Premium Beard Oil

What’s this about?

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I noticed that even some of the pricier beard oils contain other stuff than oils. It’s my beard and face you’re talking about here. Call me a hippie, but I prefer keeping alcohol, parabens and other additional crap away. 

Now, that natural shit is cool, but it could mean many things. And not only good things. So to keep it real, we're keeping it organic.

While we’re at it, (S)PARTA Beard Oil is also gluten + lactose-free, plant-based, non-GMO, contains no parabens, silicone or alcohol. 

Infinite and eternal.


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Original Recipe

Olive oil isn’t just for cooking. The Spartans used it over 2000 years ago for skin and beard care. Rich in vitamins A, E and antioxidants, it protects the keratin in hair and seals in moisture.

Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the foundation of (S)PARTA – and Western civilization.

The other foundation: botanicals of the Finnish forests. Finland’s nature is full of potent herbs with benefits of both mental and bearded health. But instead of a facial herbal bombardment, I think less is more and chose only two: 
Angelica Root and Juniper Berry.

A dose of Grapeseed oil adds lightness and moisturization while Sweet Almond oil treats and prevents dandruff.

If you've been around trendy people, you probably know how both Jojoba and Argan oil are all the craze. And for a good reason. But due to their larger particle sizes they don't permeate the beard hairs too well. It took quite some testing, but I ended up finding the right balance.

Rosmary antioxidants complete the perfection of smooth silkiness and shine for a sexy-ass beard.


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Handmade & Small Batch

I don’t have an issue with capitalism as such, but there’s something romantic about preferring small companies, family businesses and supporting your local. 

(S)PARTA is produced in a small family-run production facility just north of Helsinki. The first batch of 229 bottles was put together by the hands of Finnish cosmetics professionals with pride, love and know-how. 

All the oils are derived from highest-quality sources and combined under top notch circumstances.

The bottles are best-in-class Swiss glass and are approved for medical use.

The beautiful cardboard package is finished with a soft touch varnish that feels so smooth you want to cuddle with it.

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The Price is Right

When I started this, I decided there’s only one way of doing this thing: doing it right. I’m sick of half-ass cheap products and marketing gimmicks trying to make something appear better than what it actually is. And then charging astronomical prices. 

Man, I hate that crap. 

Ideally, I'd prefer being able to share this with you for free, floating in a cosmic acid trip where rubbing beard oil to each others faces is an act of purifying infinite love.