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Organic Premium Beard Oil

This is How You Shall Splash Your Hard-Earned Cash


#1 – Modern Techmology a.k.a. Web Store 

Like the old philosopher Ali G said: "Techmology. Is it good? Or is it wack?"

Instead of this Squarespace shenanigans, (S)PARTA's web store runs on the Finnish banking startup Holvi's platform. 
This ensures the Government gets their fair share of VAT, but also #SupportYourLocal. 

Don't fear the redirect, click below and order some (S)PARTA.

P.S. Shipping is free for purchases over 0 euros.


#2 – Personal Hookup with the Greek Jesus him/her/itself

Man in this age of digital internets, we've lost touch of being present and existing within one another physically and humanely.

If you're around downtown Helsinki, let's meet up for a few jabs on life, arts, cosmology, philosophy, photography, coffee, basketball, Vespas, you name it!

Call/SMS/WhatsApp – 040 588 3998
FB Messenger – /alexanderpatouchas
Email –

P.S. Don't worry, son, this ain't no shady biz. Despite the 1-1 nature of the exchange, you can pay with either cash or plastic money AND get a receipt.
Now that, I call legit!